MiSiS Updates - April 26, 2023

Posted by The MiSiS Team on 4/26/2023

The following items have been enhanced/corrected in MiSiS:



  • The Office Summons Report may now be accessed by those with the Nursing Office Admin user role.
  • The Emergency Roster Report may now be accessed by users with Pupil Services School Based and Student Support School Based user roles.
  • The Exclusion Screen has been enhanced to include California Student Aid and National Clearing House information.



  • The Sections Editor Screen has been enhanced to display prior years’ Independent Study Section Attributes.
  • The Change Student Section Screen has been enhanced to process repeated courses where the final grade was a D or Fail.


English Learner

  • The Mass Reclassify Screen has been enhanced to include students’ reclassification dates.
  • Alignment issues have been corrected in the ELPAC Labels and the Individual Reclassification Plan.
  • When a student is reclassified, specific master plan programs will end on the prior instructional day.



  • The Graduation Progress Report has been corrected to display completed courses with final grades for all terms including AF, AS, A1, A2, A3 and A4.


Independent Study

  • The Independent Study Master Agreement (MA)/Record of Assignment (ROA) Report has been enhanced to include deleted and void records.
  • The Daily Participation Report has been enhanced with a new Min # Non-Participation Days parameter.
  • The Independent Study (IS) School Manage Teacher/Class Attendance Screen has been enhanced to include a Mass Daily Participation Screen.
  • The Mass Daily Participation Screen has been corrected for periods with more than one section where not all records submitted were saved.
  • The Update Attendance Screen has been enhanced to allow IS Supervising Designees at IS Schools to submit attendance for students on their rosters regardless of section or teacher assignment.
  • The ROA Screen for Long-Term/Full-Time and Part-Time IS have been enhanced to default and disable the Issue Date to the ROA Start Date.
  • The Master Agreement (MA) Screen has been enhanced as follows:
    • New Amendment Screen and In-Line Report to enter and track MA changes
    • New Audit Log Screen to track MA and ROA changes
    • Ability for IS Administrator to edit the MA/ROA End Dates


State Reports

  • The COA Statistical/SMASR Report titles on Reports menu and report headers have been enhanced by replacing COA to IS Schools. These reports now also include Master Agreement validations.
  • The Opportunity, Continuation, comprehensive Secondary, Elementary and Secondary IS Schools (formally COA) Statistical/SMASRs have been enhanced with an IS column on the Statistical and IS attendance validations on the SMASR.


Student Support

  • The Support Referral Screen has been corrected, and now displays submitted referrals.