MiSiS Updates - March 30, 2022

Posted by The MiSiS Team on 3/30/2022

The following items have been enhanced/corrected in MiSiS: 


  • The Student Profile now includes an alert for students eligible for Conditional Admission. CA will display on the student profile for students experiencing homelessness, foster youth, and students with parent/guardians on active military duty.  Conditional Admission allows a student 30 days to provide immunization records.  


  • Schools may now enter the CAIR Medical Permanent exemption, CAIR Medical Temporary exemption, and the CAIR Exemption Number on the Immunization screen

Student Support 

  • The Option School Referral screen now displays a new referral status, Withdrawn, if a student is no longer enrolled and has a pending option school referral.  

Student Testing 

  • The PFT Mass Entry screen and the PFT Class Roster have been enhanced to support the 21-22 Spring PFT administration which states that the Body Composition is not a required component for testing.  Data entry for this component is disabled on the screen.  The roster will not display this component.   


  • The Seal of Biliteracy Awards screen has been enhanced such that for students whose Language Classification is LEP, the LAUSD Seal of Biliteracy Award is selected by default and the CDE Seal of Biliteracy is not selectable.