MiSiS Updates - December 9, 2021

Posted by The MiSiS Team on 12/9/2021


The following items have been enhanced/corrected in MiSiS: 


  • The Preferred Name and Identifying Information fields on the Enrollment screen now include validation.  Users may not enter a preferred first and last name identical to the student’s legal first and last name. Also, if a preferred name is entered, the Use in Rosters checkbox must be selected.  


  • The Contact Log history screen no longer displays the staff number on the Entered By column.  
  • The Independent Study Teacher Roster and Manage Teacher/Class Attendance screens no longer have reason codes 1 and 2 when the status of absent is selected and an error message no longer displays. 

 English Learner 

  • Users with the District Admin. role may now access all English Learner reports. 


  • The HS Cumulative Grade Labels Report has been corrected to prevent long course titles from wrapping, which caused an overlap with the course title below it. The course titles will now be truncated at 18 characters. 

  Graduation Standards 

  • The Graduation Exemption feature on the Graduation Standards Summary Screen has been enhanced by adding an AB104 option that, when applied, will waiver eligible students in the Class of 2021 and 2022 from all Graduation Requirements except the CDE requirements. 

Student Testing 

  • The State Testing Label for SBA and ELPAC has been enhanced to display a student’s preferred name if a preferred name is entered in the Student Profile screen under > Census > Identifying Information.