MiSiS Updates - October 6, 2021

Posted by The MiSiS Team on 10/6/2021

The following items have been enhanced/corrected in MiSiS: 


  • The Enrollment History screen has been corrected and users will no longer receive an error message.  
  • The Student Support Administrator and District Admin User Role now have read access to the Instructional Program screen.  
  • Elementary Class Roster has been removed from the Reports menu.  Schools may use the Five Column Roster or Comprehensive Class List reports.  
  • The Early Education Student Information System (EESIS) interface has been modified to improve data accuracy. EESIS is the system of record for Early Education students and any changes to student data must be made in EESIS. Early Education data is displayed in MiSiS for Daily Pass and Parent Portal access.  


  • The Attendance Referral Reports for Comprehensive and Continuation Schools have been enhanced with the mailing address on the header. 
  • The Master Absence Reports for Comprehensive and Continuation Schools have been enhanced with the home and mailing address, when the report is downloaded in Excel and CSV, and the begin and end parameters have been added. 
  • The Master Absence Report – Continuation Report has been enhanced with updated telephone logic. The report will display the first available phone number in the following order: home phone number, cell/mobile phone number, work phone, other phone. 
  • The Attendance Notifications screen has been enhanced with the ability to export screen information in Excel. 
  • The Class Roster Barcode Report has been corrected to ensure students’ information is not displayed on the next page. 

Parent Portal  

  • The High School IGP Report will generate based on the home correspondence language.  


  • The Extended Program Student Roster has been modified to improve performance.  A new parameter has been added to allow users to filter results by program (Enrichment, CoS, and Primary Promise). 
  • The Extended Program Verification of Marks Report will now display correctly.  

 English Learner 

  • The Mass Reclassify screen has been enhanced to prevent students from being reclassified until a parent notification of “Reclassification Consultation” is entered via the Mass Notification Date Entry or Parent Notification Dates screens.  Upon reclassifying eligible students via the Mass Reclassify screen, the Reclassification Letter will display the date of the reclassification consultation in section 4.    
  • The English Learner Rosters (EL Monitoring and LTEL Monitoring) have been corrected to display the most recent elementary marks for elementary students.  

Graduation Standards 

  • The College and Career Readiness Guide Report (CCRG) has been enhanced such that users now have the option to generate it in Spanish Language.