MiSiS Updates - July 21, 2021

Posted by The MiSiS Team on 7/21/2021

MiSiS Announcements: 

Student Photos 

  • Beginning on July 1, a principal, or their designee, may assign a new Photo Vendor or extend access to an existing Photo Vendor to the school in the LAUSD Photo Portal. [Refer to “Granting Access to Photo Vendors...” job aid available at https://achieve.lausd.net/Page/11923.]


The following items have been enhanced/corrected in MiSiS: 


  • An update button is now available on the Enrollment screen when editing a student enrollment. The update button allows the user to save any edited data for each section, without going to the last section. 
  • Inter District permit names have changed. 
  • Permits are no longer required for students enrolling at Affiliated Charter Schools. 
  • The Pupil Services School Based user role may now view the Instructional Program 


  • A new warning message will appear in the Sections Editor screen when a user attempts to remove a student from a section.  The warning message will request that any grades associated to the student be deleted, prior to removing the student from the section.


  • The Five Column Roster Report has been corrected as follows:
    • No longer errors out when a student’s name is longer than 25 characters.
    • When logged in with the Teacher user role, only the logged in staff name displays in the teacher dropdown.
    • All periods, as of the user selected Effective Date, now display in the Period(s) dropdown menu.
  • The Attendance Summary Report has been enhanced with a new parameter, “Enable Elementary Instructional Groups". This allows elementary users to generate the report as usual or by Elementary Instructional Groups. Only students added to the Administrative Instructional Subgroups Elementary: Online AM or PM or Elementary: In-Person AM or PM groups will populate in this parameter. 
  • The Uncleared Absence Report has been enhanced with a new Absence Type parameter. The dropdown options include UC-Uncleared, 0- No Note, and Both.
  • The Continuation Teacher Roster has been corrected to no longer disable the attendance status for some students.

English Learner 

  • Two new reports are now available:
    • The Initial Notification of Enrollment and Placement report will be available in 5 languages (English, Spanish, Korean, Mandarin and Armenian) and is intended for students who may be eligible for English Learner services.  Identified students are those whose primary language is any language other than ASL or English, who have no Initial Language Classification and who have no Initial ELPAC test results
    • The Initial Parent Notification of Language Test Results and Confirmation of Program Placement report will also be available in 5 languages and is intended for students who have the Initial ELPAC test results in MiSiS.  The report will notify parents of the test results and whether the student may qualify for English Learner services based on results.   
  • Personnel with the District Admin. user role will have view only access to the Mass Reclassify screen.


  • The Grades by Student screen and the Grades by Class screen have been enhanced for the course Homeroom Advisory (420109), the only grades available for selection are ‘P’ and ‘NP’, as per District Grading Policy.
  • At Options Schools, when a final grade has been awarded to a student in any course, and happens to be re-enrolled into the same course in a subsequent semester, the points earned in his previous enrollment of the course will not carry over to the new enrollment.

Graduation Standards 

  • A new report, College and Career Readiness Guide, is now available to school users and can be accessed as an inline report for any student via the path:Student Profile > Academics > Reports > CCRG Report. The report can also be generated for a set of students via the path: Admin > CCRG Report.  


  • The Immunization screen no longer allows entry of Diptheria and Tetanus Immunization before age of 7.


  • The Program Assistance data has been corrected and data can now be saved appropriately. 

Student Support 

  • The Counseling Communication and Mass Update: Counseling Communication screens have been enhanced as follows:
    • Required field of Risk Assessment Conducted with a Yes or No radio button.
    • If yes is selected, the user must select: Select All, Self-Injury, Suicidal Risk, or Threat. The Services Provided, Communication Purpose, and Comments/Notes will be disabled.
  • The Support Referral Actions Taken has been enhanced with the removal of Referral -LASP Diversion.

Student Testing 

  • The Test Score screen has been enhanced to display a score of “-1”, as well as a new performance level of “NS” (No Score), for ELPAC test results that are loaded successfully into MiSiS.  Additionally, when hovering over the score, the message “No score due to force-complete or domain exemptions or alternate assessment” will display. 

Summer School 

  • The mark reporting window is now open for ESY Elementary Progress Report, Enrichment Mark Reporting, and Credit Recovery Mark Reporting.  The window closes on Friday, July 23. 


  • The Transcripts Detail Screen has been enhanced with the following:
    • When adding or editing the Homeroom Advisory course (420109), the only grades available for selection are ‘P’ and ‘NP, as per District Grading Policy.
    • When adding any new course or editing an existing course, the credit value that can be entered is now limited to the nearest hundredths. Ex: 2.25 or 2.75.