MiSiS Updates - June 23, 2021

Posted by The MiSiS Team on 6/23/2021

The following items have been enhanced/corrected in MiSiS: 


  • The Pre-K and TE Students Living in Boundary Report is now available to Office Manager and Principal user roles.  The report may be used to identify students living in a school’s attendance area to communicate enrollment procedures and school program information.  The report includes students currently enrolled in other LAUSD schools and Early Ed Centers.  


  • Schools may now update the start date of any new section in the Sections Editor screen only when no students are enrolled in the section.


  • The Teacher Mass Contact Log has been corrected to update all user selected contact log entries.

Athletic Eligibility 

  • Groups have been enhanced to include the 2021-2022 Official Athletic Teams and the Auxiliary Groups.
  • The following Athletic Eligibility screen and reports have been enhanced to include a required Covid form:
    • Athletic Screen
    • Athletic Eligibility List Report
    • Athletic Ineligible Parent Letter Report
    • Certificate of Athletic Eligibility Report

Extended Learning  

  • The Extended Learning staff may now search by student ID on the Manage Students 

Linked Learning 

  • CTE District Administrator user role may now enter CTE/Linked Learning participation for students.

Student Testing 

  • The PFT Mass Entry screen has been enhanced with updated logic in the Aerobic Capacity test component to automatically identify a student as not passing if the student completes the one mile run at or above 13 minutes.