MiSiS Updates - December 23, 2020

Posted by The MiSiS Team on 12/23/2020

MiSiS Announcements:

As a reminder, users should clear their browser cache throughout the year before logging on to MiSiS.  Directions for clearing cache for various browsers may be found in the MiSiS FAQs: Q. How do I clear my browser cache?

The following items have been enhanced/corrected in MiSiS:


  • A new enrollment screen is being piloted by five schools. The new screen allows users to save an In-Progress enrollment and streamlines data entry.  All schools will begin using the new screen in February 2021. 
  • The ITI Form Report now generates for all classrooms.
  • The PO Box addresses format was corrected to meet US Postal Service requirements.


  • The Sections Editor screen has been enhanced to load sections in a timely manner.


  • For the current school year, all submitted Present records have been converted to “Distance Present” and Absent records have been converted to “Distance Absent”.
  • The Continuation Teacher Roster for Independent Study screen has been corrected to display the student's photo popup.
  • At Magnet Schools, the teacher parameter on the Master Absence Report now displays all teachers.
  • The Manage Teacher Class Attendance screen has been corrected to allow users to change the date after a period has been selected, and to only display the periods that meet on the selected date.
  • A new report, Enrichment Program: Student Roster, is now available and allows users the option of printing the report to view all students currently enrolled in an Enrichment course/section or allows school staff to take attendance on paper.


  • The Foster Youth interface bug has been fixed. Cases that are closed in DCFS database are now closed in MiSiS. 
  • The First US Enrollment dates were corrected to match CALPADS.

 Special Education Placement Portal

  • The SPED Placement Portal report has been corrected and no longer displays duplicate records.

 State Reports

  • The Carlson Hospital Classification Elementary and Secondary Reports have been enhanced to count students if scheduled in homeroom.
  • The following reports have been enhanced to consider additional distance learning absent and present codes:
    • Statistical/SMASR - Elementary
    • Statistical/SMASR - Secondary
    • Statistical/SMASR - Opportunity
    • Statistical/SMASR - Continuation
    • Statistical/SMASR - Elementary CDS
    • Statistical/SMASR - Secondary CDS
    • Statistical/SMASR - Elementary Carlson Hospital
    • Statistical/SMASR - Secondary Carlson Hospital
    • Statistical/SMASR - Elementary Carlson Home
    • Statistical/SMASR – Secondary Carlson Home

Student Support

  • The Behavior Emergency screen and In-line report have been enhanced to allow users to enter and print original and revised versions. The screen also includes new fields to link interventions and referrals related to the behavior emergency record, as well as a new field named “Incident Results”. The report now also includes the Local District, based on the student's address.
  • The SHHS Service Summary screen, located under the Support profile tab, has been enhanced to include Welligent School Mental Health services.
  • The Social Adjustment Report has been enhanced to include Welligent School Mental Health services.


  • A new tab has been added to the Transcript Detail screen that will allow schools to indicate that a student has earned the State Seal of Biliteracy and/or the LAUSD Seal of Biliteracy awards.