Salary Allocation and You – A Joint Venture (Helpful Hints)

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We want to make your contact with us as pleasant and snag-free as possible. Here are some suggestions and helpful tips to accomplish this.

Type or print legibly in blue or black ink when completing forms.

Fill in all information requested on the forms.

Obtain required signatures where requested, including your own.

*To apply for point credit, including advanced degrees, from accredited institutions,

The appropriate and completed application form
Official transcripts are required

Please Note:  unofficial transcripts, printed electronic transcripts^, photocopies, grade reports and degree certificates (original or not) are not acceptable.

**To apply for point credit from non-accredited institutions

NA Form completed and signed (NOTE: NA forms requires pre-approval)
Original certificates of completion are required (Photocopies are not acceptable)


***Letters verifying previous employment must:

Be original and on letterhead stationery
Employment letter must include: 
  - Position
  - Beginning and ending dates (month and year)
  - Full-Time status
  - Substitute, Part-time, or College Teaching must include total number of hours worked per school year
Prepared by the Personnel or Employment Verification Office
Signed by the appropriate official including their title.


^Electronically Transmitted Academic Transcripts

A number of local universities offer students two (2) options for transcripts - the traditional printed official transcript or electronically transmitted academic transcript.  Although the content of an electronically transmitted academic transcript is identical to a traditional printed official academic transcript, the printed PDF copy is not an official academic transcript and will not be accepted by Salary Allocation for salary point determination.

There are times when a personal visit and/or phone call to Salary Allocation is necessary and the staff welcomes the opportunity to assist you. However, if you need forms or have questions, visit our website ( to download forms, check the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section, or obtain other salary allocation related information. If you still need assistance, please contact the office via a request for information form provided on our website. Allowing staff more time to concentrate on evaluating documents will greatly help reduce the backlog of pending documents.


We realize that any delays and/or mistakes in your salary placement or being notified that credit has not been allowed are understandably frustrating and seemingly unnecessary. As you may be aware, the LAUSD/UTLA Collective Bargaining Agreement, Articles XIV and XV, District policies and procedures, various California State Department of Education Codes and state law govern the salary credit evaluation process. With this in mind, please understand that your documents are evaluated by staff to comply and be in accordance with these rules and guidelines. The process is complex and, depending on an individual employee’s situation, may be complicated. If you do not agree with the evaluation or believe an error has occurred, please address your concerns, in writing, to the Salary Allocation Unit and include your reasons / rationale and supporting documentation (e.g., course descriptions, job description, etc.) why you believe the evaluation is incorrect or should be reviewed / reconsidered.


Thank you for your cooperation.