What forms and documents need to be submitted to apply for salary point credit?

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 A and B Form: New contract employees and current or former employees who have not previously rated-in need to establish a salary folder with the Salary Allocation Unit. These employees should go to the Salary Allocation Unit after signing their contracts and obtain the rating-in packet.


Rating-in Packet includes: (Note:  Printed Electronic transcripts^, photocopies of transcripts or letters are not acceptable.)

A and B Form, completed and signed
Official transcripts verifying the bachelor’s degree and any postgraduate coursework*
Original letters of employment verification (if any)***

Former employees who may have rated-in previously but are returning to contract status after an absence of seven or more years may have to submit these forms and documents to re-establish their salary folder.


S Form:Employees who have additional official transcripts and/or original letters of employment verification for coursework and/or experience completed prior to their contract date that were not included with the A and B packet will need to submit these verifications attached to a completed S Form.


U Form:Current employees who are applying for additional salary point credit for coursework completed after their contract date at accredited colleges or universities need to submit official transcripts verifying the completed coursework attached to a completed U Form.


NA Form: (NOTE: Requires pre-approval by the Salary Point Credit Committee) Current employees who are applying for additional salary point credit for study or coursework completed after their contract date at non-accredited institutions need to submit official transcripts/original verifications of completion attached to a completed NA Form. Refer to the NA Form for further information and instructions.