How are the data reported to CALPADS used?

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The data submitted to CALPADS are used for statistical, compliance, and funding purposes. The student enrollment data as of “count day” (the first Wednesday in October) provide the official number of students overall, and in each relevant subgroup (gender, ethnicity, race, educational program).  This information is also used to calculate graduation and dropout rates; and the number of English learners and reclassifications.  It is also used to determine funding for programs that serve migrant, gifted and talented, English learner, economically disadvantaged, foster, and homeless students, and the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) allocations. These data are used for audits, to assess program effectiveness, and to determine whether or not schools and the district have met state and federal achievement goals (API and NCLB’s AYP).  In addition, CALPADS provides student enrollment, demographic, and educational program data for the computer based Smarter Balanced testing program, and for the various paper and pencil testing programs (CAHSEE, CST, CELDT, and so on).

Therefore, it is vital for schools to continuously maintain the required student data in MiSiS for every student with active enrollment, at all times during the school year.