What is the link between the Annual School Program Survey and CALPADS?

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The data collected as part of the Annual School Program Survey satisfies many of the District's local, state and federal reporting responsibilities, including the CALPADS data reporting mandates. In addition, the California Department of Education continues to consolidate many of its reporting requirements into CALPADS. CALPADS, however, is not a once-a-year reporting event, but rather a data collection system whereby information is reported throughout the school year. Thus, users can track students as they move from grade to grade, school to school, and as their program and demographic information changes. CALPADS requires three major data reporting submissions: Fall 1, Fall 2, and End-of-Year.

• Fall 1 data (student demographics, programs, grade levels, and school enrollment and exit) are certified in mid-December, but Fall 1 data are collected, verified, and reported to CALPADS throughout the school year. The certified data is a snapshot that captures all active enrollments on Count Day (first Wednesday in October). This certified snapshot is the basis for the school year’s official student enrollment, demographic and program information counts and rates.

• Fall 2 data (student course enrollments, teacher assignments and English Learner education services) are collected, verified, and reported to CALPADS, and certified in February. The certified Fall 2 data snapshot captures this information for students and certificated staff active on Count Day.

• End-of-Year data (course completion for grades 7–12, CTE participation, program participation, student discipline, and CAHSEE waivers) are collected, verified, reported to CALPADS, and certified in July.