LAUSD Makes it Easier to Report Fraud, Waste and Abuse

OIG Button  

The Board of Education approved Mónica Ratliff’s resolution to place a hotline button on the District website’s homepage that directs visitors immediately to the Office of the Inspector General’s Fraud Hotline.

Board Member Ratliff said, “By moving the Inspector General’s Fraud Hotline button to the District’s homepage, I hope to make it as easy as possible for the reporting of fraud, waste or abuse in the District to the Inspector General. Constituents have been very clear with me that fraud, waste, abuse and mismanagement must be addressed as quickly as possible.”

Inspector General Kenneth Bramlett said, “The Office of the Inspector General applauds the Board’s decision to make reporting easier. We believe concerned citizens will be motivated to make reports of their concerns more frequently because of the simplified reporting process.”   
The button is now available on the District’s homepage.