Secondary Mathematics Memos

Posted by MARICEL MASONGSONG on 5/9/2016

MEM-6458.0, Middle and High School Courses and Pathways, provides information to schools regarding the mathematics pathways and courses aligned to the Common Core State Standards. This Memorandum provides guidelines to schools regarding student placement in mathematics courses. This Memorandum also provides guidelines for student placement in mathematics courses and acceleration points for moving some students through the standards at an accelerated pace

MEM-6650.0, Guidelines for the Implementation of the LAUSD Placement Mathematics Assessment for Grades 6, provides information and guidelines on the new Middle School Mathematics Placement Assessment administered to all Grade 6 students and selected Grade 5 students. This along with other data points will be used for placement as the District continues with full implementation of the Common Core State Standards-Mathematics (CCSS-M) for the school year 2016-2017.

MEM-6651.0, Guidelines for the Implementation of the LAUSD Algebra 1 Middle School Summative Assessment, provides information and guidelines for the implementation of Algebra 1 Summative Assessment for middle school students enrolled in CC Algebra 1.