The Power of Social Media

The Power of Social Media

by Emily Mojica

Emily Mojica presentingDefining Digital Citizenship
Digital citizenship is the responsible use of technology when engaging with society through the Internet, social media, and all digital devices. Understanding digital citizenship is important for students like myself so that we can be digital citizens and role models for our communities and beyond. With the increased usage of social media and the rise of distance learning, it is important to know how to use technology properly now more than ever. Our digital footprints are growing, and they will be a reflection of who we are, so we need to ensure that all students understand how to present themselves online. Once we fully understand the role digital citizenship plays in our daily lives, the possibilities are truly endless. With technology comes great power and once you know how to use that power, you can definitely change the world.

Digital Citizenship & Computer Science
Digital citizenship and computer science go hand in hand. Computer science allows you to create projects that can make your voice heard by so many people. Computer science is much more than programming and mathematics: it’s about problem solving and experiencing failure. You learn valuable skills that can be applied to your daily life, and digital citizenship allows you to create change with your newfound discoveries. You learn how to respect others online while expressing your own personal passions. Technology allows you to become a creator and innovator for the things that you love. Being familiar with both digital citizenship and computer science will open so many doors.  

My #DigCit Journey
I went from begging my parents to have my own social media presence to running more than six accounts. Although social media is often negatively portrayed, there are so many positive aspects to it. As a digital citizen, social media has allowed me to network, find mentors, and make a difference in the lives of others.
I’ve seen first hand how much impact a single post can make on someone else. Every single follower I’ve gained is more than just a number to me: it is a human being behind a screen that can feel inspired by the content I upload.

My social media presence has played a big role in discovering my passions and fully understanding digital citizenship. I learned that it does not matter if you own one account or ten accounts, what matters is how you ultimately use the platform. Having a social media presence has taught me responsibility and maturity. I’ve also learned how to present myself in front of large public audiences online and how to respectfully communicate behind a screen.

I’ve been able to share my passions with my own personal project @latinasxtech on Instagram. Social media has allowed me to launch my own community organization that inspires underrepresented minorities to pursue STEM. Learning about digital citizenship and becoming a digital agent has launched my journey into the tech world, and it has truly been life changing.