L.A. Unified Classrooms Highlighted as Exemplars of the ISTE Student Standards

LA Unified Classrooms Highlighted as Exemplars of the ISTE Student Standards

By Jamie Galgana, Instructional Technology Facilitator

ISTE imageSeven L.A. Unified classrooms through the Instructional Technology Initiative’s Practitioner Schools Program are featured in the recently released International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Standards and Indicators videos, as part of ISTE’s mission to find exemplars nationwide of the student standards in action. These videos serve as resources for all educators around the world to exemplify what it looks like to design and deliver ISTE Standards-based lessons.

 L.A. Unified is one of four districts in the US that were highlighted by ISTE. Of the 28 student indicator examples unveiled last month on ISTE’s YouTube Channel, seven of them are classrooms from L.A. Unified.  The ISTE Standards are brought to life in these classrooms by L.A. Unified teachers who have received ISTE Standards professional learning from ITI across its models of support. They are Ms. Navas from Twentieth Street Elementary School (LDC); Ms. Gracia and Ms. Beltran from Hope Street Elementary School (LDE); Ms. Preza from Coldwater Canyon Elementary School (LDNE); Ms. Dehbashi from Hale Charter Middle School (LDNW); and Ms. Quon and Ms. Yadegar from San Pascual STEAM Magnet (LDC).  

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In 2016, L.A. Unified was the first school district to adopt the ISTE standards for students, and eventually the standards for educators, education leaders, and coaches.  The Instructional Technology Initiative (ITI) jumped at the opportunity to take on the challenge of ensuring L.A. Unified schools were supported as they made this transition.  Various models of support were designed to meet the needs of leaders across the district, one of them being the Practitioner School.

San Pascual STEAM Magnet (SPSM) was one of the Practitioner Schools among the handful of those  highlighted as exemplar models.  Last year I was fortunate to work with SPSM as an Instructional Technology Facilitator (ITF) during their participation with Practitioner Schools 3.0 (#PS3LAUSD).  As the ITF, I provided professional development, modeled lessons in classrooms, and collaboratively planned with teachers.  I worked alongside the administrator and teachers to build their capacity as technology practitioners and supported them in developing a plan to sustain their continued growth with instructional technology.  

LAUSD Teacher One of my goals as an ITF was to be a thought partner with the teachers.  I aimed to establish productive relationships in order to help them improve instructional practices and learning outcomes.   The ISTE standards provided a framework for us to discuss how students could be interacting with and leveraging technology.  As a result of this exploration, it became more evident to them how critical the educator’s role is in designing opportunities for their students to practice and demonstrate these skills.  The teachers invited me to join them at the table during common planning time as they worked to unpack what the standards look like at each  grade level.

Today, San Pascual thrives as a model school successfully leveraging technology.  Although they are no longer a  practitioner school, their commitment to students and educational technology remains.  I see the teachers continue to attend professional development and conferences and share best practices with each other and the educator community.  As their former ITF, I am very proud of them for their continued growth with the adoption of the ISTE standards.

LAUSD Classroom I encourage everyone to start their journey toward successful implementation of the ISTE Standards.  ITI’s models of support are customized for a range of learners and ITFs are ready to be your thought partner!  Wondering how you can start?  You can begin by subscribing to our newsletter, attending ITI professional learning, visiting the ITI website, and shouting us out on Twitter @ITI_LAUSD.