Upcoming Professional Development!

Upcoming Professional Developments: 

  • TK Unit Requirements: 

    TK teachers are required to have 24 units in Early Childhood or Child Development by December 2019. Teachers can take online college courses as one way to complete their unit requirement.
    Search for online CA college course at https://www.childdevelopment.org/cs/cdtc/search/tp_e.

    (Teachers who taught TK or SRLDP prior to July 2015 are grandfathered in to teach TK.)


  • DATES ADDED Guided Reading Conference (For teachers at Title 1 schools only)
    TK specific professional learning opportunities delivered by LACOE with a focus on comprehension and vocabulary development as well as an introduction to dialogic reading ad oral language development. Teachers will be paid training rate and receive instructional materials to engage students in learning! 

    Register on MyPLN, Keyword: ELLP Guided 
    AM session: LACOE-CPIN: Comprehension & Vocabulary TK-K
    PM session: LACOE-CPIN: Dialogic Reading & Oral Language TK-K
    For more information, see flyer.

        May 4 at Mulholland MS
        May 18 at Ambler ES
        June 15 at Mulholland MS
  • Social Emotional Development: Division of Instruction is offering TK-5 teacher professional development for Title 1 elementary teachers. Title 1 teachers will be compensated at training rate and receive a classroom curriculum kit to support social emotional learning and community development.  Flyer
    To register and see dates available, visit MyPLN. Key word: Social Emotional Leanring 2018
    NEW Wednesday dates available.
    Must have principal approval. Register at https://bit.ly/2DyTM3Y.



TK Implementation Videos and Information:  Preparing for the new year

*The TK Learning Environment: This video segment reviews methods for creating an organized and inviting TK learning environment.  See TK Implementation Guide, Chapter 5 for a list of centers and what to include. 

*Effective TK Instruction: This video segment introduces the importance of establishing a predictable, yet flexible daily routine.  Read Chapter 4 to learn more about TK instructional strategies and how to help students understand routines and transitions. 


 For more on  the TK Implemetation Guide and support videos, scroll down to TK Implementation Support.
For archived teacher trainings, scroll to LAUSD PD & Resources