Guidelines for Grading TK

 TK Assessment

LAUSD Kindergarten assessments are not expected or required of TK students. TK students are building kindergarten readiness and are expected to demonstrate proficiency in all of the CA Preschool Learning Foundations by the end of the school year.

Teachers use the TK-K Alignment document to measure how students are developing along the instructional continuum from the CA Preschool Learning Foundations toward beginning Kindergarten content standards. This document aligns the expectations for children at 48 months, 60 months, and end of year Kindergarten goals. Teachers may wish to reference this document and its descriptors in parent conferences.  The CA Preschool Learning Foundation volumes have bulleted examples of student expectations at the 48 and 60 month foundations.


Teachers should refer to the CA Preschool Learning Foundations vol. 1 for the ELD learning foundations and the development of early learners of a second language.


TK-K Alignment Revised Intro 2017-18         TK-K Standards Alignment Document    

CA PLF Vol. 1          CA PLF Vol. 2           CA PLF Vol. 3

CA PCF Vol.1           CA PCF Vol. 2          CA PCF Vol. 3


Assessment Options:

  • Oral language development is an area of need for many of our young students and the foundation for all literacy skills. TK teachers have the option to use the Oral Language Screener on the Amplify assessment page to monitor oral language development in their students. To learn how to access and use OLS, please see the online tutorial at (click Oral Language.)


  • Desired Results Developmental Profile-K (DRDP-K 2015) is a state assessment tool to help teachers monitor young children's learning and progress in order to plan and support students' continued development in all the instructional domains of TK to K. For more information, visit


  • Curriculum program assessments.


  • TK teachers will still have access to DIBELS/IDEL/TRC for the puprose of demonstrating growth in skills development. TK students are not expected to meet kindergarten benchmarks during their first year in TK.


  • State mandatory assessments:
    ELPAC:  Students with a home language other than English must complete the initial ELPAC by Sept. 12 or two weeks from when they enter school. The ELPAC is administered again in the Spring to monitor growth development.




TK Report Card

For more information and online modules regarding the new elementary progress reports including TK, go to
The Schoology online gradebook is optional for TK teachers at this time. For TK grading resources and supports, open the Grading Supports- Transitioanl Kindergarten folder at

ETK uses the DRDP-Tech to demonstrate student development and DRDP parent form during parent conferences.

Teachers should refer the California Preschool Learning Foundations for the ELD Foundations.  The ELD Preschool Learning Foundations are found in the CA Preschool Learning Foundations, vol. 1.