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Students build leadership skills as they advocate for healthy choices

Healthy Advocates Club The Advocates for Healthy Choices Club at Panorama High School educates student members on tobacco-related health issues and empowers us to become future leaders who can make a difference in our school community.

Our club is comprised of Panorama High students who are newcomers to the United States. We are  primarily Spanish-speakers and are brave in our ability to be leaders in our community. We were honored to learn from Chris Linan, an employee with the after-school organication ARC, who met with us every Thursday for 16 weeks. 

We learned about e-cigarettes, vaporizers and the ill health effects associated with their use. We also participated in team-building activities, practiced public speaking, improved our communication skills, and presented what we learned to Panorama High staff members, parents and students.

Funded under the umbrella of Beyond the Bell, we attended a conference at UCLA where we presented our projects to other students in clubs like ours.  We were able to tour UCLA and learn about the possibilities associated with attending a four-year college. 

Participating in this after-school club has not only been fun, but also helped us to develop relationships with other members of our school community, and learn valuable lessons about the use of tobacco, and tobacco-related products, that are currently popular among students in the United States.

Sarai Negreros
Advocates for Healthy Choices Club