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San Pascual student offers 'CLEAR' vision for the future

 Tatianna Quinonez

Empowering each other is one of the most important parts of our future.  I like to think of empowerment as leadership. It has been my goal since third grade to empower as many new leaders as possible.

I also like to think of empowerment as the building of community. As we build community at San Pascual STEM Magnet, we like to inspire and encourage others to become confident leaders. When building community and empowering others, we remember the following quote, “A boss says, 'Go.' A leader says, 'Let’s go.'" An example of how we empower others is when we work with ambassadors from each class to create a welcoming environment for our visitors. We help them practice their leadership skills and become better speakers to share their learning with others. We are guided by a CLEAR vision that promotes Community, Leadership, Empathy, Academic Integrity, and Reflection

As a member of a school community, I feel more empowered when I am given the opportunity to empathize with other leaders so I can share my experience with all the students. My principal has allowed me to interview many leaders in the field of education in our Media Lab.  Last year, I interviewed Richard Culatta, the CEO of the International Society for Technology in Education. During the interview, he taught me the importance of using technology to empathize with others and have a mindset of collaborating globally. I was then able to share this with other children in hope that they would be inspired to become the innovative designers and digital citizens of the future.

The importance of student empowerment is the legacy I wish to leave for the students of SPSM and L.A. Unified. We are all leaders. We can, and will, design the future.

And, never forget, at San Pascual STEAM Magnet, our vision is CLEAR!

Tatianna Jade Quionez
Fifth-grade student
San Pascual STEAM Magnet