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School Games provides a life-changing experience for all

Megan Hino and Special Olympics participants

My passion is teaching, helping and educating others. I take it as a personal obligation to become the best educator as possible. I believe that this is the essence to making a change in the life of future generations of children. Having the ability to enlighten others means the world to me; little by little, we can make a difference. I believe that integrating students with disabilities with their typical peers is an important aspect in a school setting. As educators, we are not only teaching our students to the standards but it is our obligation to teach them life skills. Creating an environment where students have the opportunity to learn and socialize with individual differences are essential in being productive members in society. 

The Adapted Physical Education Department has a strong partnership with Special Olympics Southern California.  When organizing our Special Olympics School Games events for elementary and middle schools, it brings me so much joy seeing the smiles upon their faces when participating in a competitive sporting event.  During these events, I always take a step back and watch the reactions from the fans, peers, teachers, parents, and community members.  Watching them cheer on our students and seeing the pride, joy, and successes is the most rewarding feeling that drives my passion for our program. The students are the driving factor that continues to motivate me to make School Games better every year.

We are always looking for volunteers to join us during the events. Anyone wishing to volunteer to any of the Games can call Special Olympics Southern California at (562) 502-1152. We hope to see you all there!

Megan Hino
Chair, School Games Program
Adapted Physical Education