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Here's the secret ingredient to the famous coffee cake

Evelen Guirguis, Food Service Manager


Maybe my interest in food started early. I remember running around my grandparents’ house in Egypt and climbing up a tree to pick the best dates. They were so delicious and I remember the love I was given as a child.

The District tells me that I bake some of the best of LAUSD’s famous coffee cake. I am fortunate to be able to make it from scratch and work with a great group of people in the kitchen. I love seeing the students and staff take a deep breath and savor the smell my coffee cake baking. We even get orders for our coffee cake from people and businesses in the community. There is a basic recipe, but I have a special ingredient that we put in our coffee cake – love.

I’ve always want the best for everyone – from my own sons, who all graduated from Venice High School and went on to university, to the students I see every day at Marina Del Rey. I am fortunate to be working for Los Angeles Unified. My mother worked at Venice High School and passed her legacy on to me and my brother works at Parks Huerta Early Childhood Center. We all enjoy what we do because we know it benefits our community.

I am able to accomplish so much because of support of my staff and all my supervisors who have taught me how to run a business – how to treat my customers, looking for good vendors, pricing and preparing a proper menu. Even though I have a degree in business, I want to thank everyone from the director, Principal Lorraine Machado, my staff, husband, sons and parents for helping in my career.  

~ Evelen Guirguis

Food Service Manager, Marina Del Rey Middle School