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Good hYOUman Supports Students With ‘Better Together’ T-shirt Campaign (10-12-20)

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Shannon Haber, LAUSD, 213-393-1289                October 12, 2020

Good hYOUman Supports Students
With ‘Better Together’ T-shirt Campaign

LOS ANGELES – Joining Los Angeles Unified’s relief efforts this week are the folks at good hYOUman, a Los Angeles-based and -manufactured clothing brand. The company designed a “Better Together” T-shirt to reflect the collaboration of all in the community during the pandemic. The project began when the parent of a Los Angeles Unified 6th-grader – Shira Goldman – reached out to good hYOUman, showing once again, that we are truly better together.

“This is a great example of the community working with Los Angeles Unified to support students in our public schools,” Superintendent Austin Beutner said. “I am grateful to good hYOUman for their generosity and Shira Goldman for her efforts.”

“I wanted a way to bring our Los Angeles Unified community together,” Ms. Goldman said. “I wanted to teach our children how we get through a difficult time. We hold hands. We do it together. I reached out to good hYOUman because they share that sensibility – community, positivity, humanity.” 

“We are honored to work with Los Angeles Unified and help support public education,” good hYOUman founder and CEO Brett Novek said. “Education sets the foundation for the future of our country, so we are proud to announce our ‘Better Together’ garments in collaboration with Los Angeles Unified. Our goal was to make something that is comfortable, optimistic and made in Los Angeles. When good hYOUmans come together, we all win. Let’s do this!”

Good hYOUman will be donating a portion of the proceeds of sales of the T-shirts to LA Students Most In Need. T-shirts are available at To join in the effort, text NEED to 76278 or visit