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Superintendent Austin Beutner Issues Open Letter to President Trump (10-07-20)

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Superintendent Austin Beutner Issues Open Letter to President Trump

Calls for Immediate Passage of Bipartisan Relief for Schools

LOS ANGELES (October 7, 2020) – Today, Los Angeles Unified Superintendent Austin Beutner issued an open letter to President Trump to inform the President that the district will not be including a prepared letter from the President in Family Food Boxes and calling for immediate passage of a bi-partisan bill providing relief for schools.

In the letter, Beutner writes: “Getting emergency funding to schools now is a necessary step to reopening schools and getting the economy back on track. Every day away from the classroom can weaken the foundation in literacy, math and critical thinking skills children need to reach their full potential. And families struggling to get by can’t return to work until their children are back in school safely.”

Beutner notes that school districts coast to coast have stepped in to fill the void for essential social services. 

Los Angeles Unified will spend more than $350 million on food for those in need, computers for students and COVID-19 testing – funds that have not been reimbursed by local, state or federal government.

“Like my colleagues in towns and cities across America, we fed hungry families because others did not. We redirected scarce funds to buy computers and internet access because children not in classrooms would otherwise have no way to participate in school. We created a virus testing and contact-tracing program for the school community because it is needed and didn’t exist. Schools have long been on the front lines of dealing with broader societal issues and that has never been more true than during this crisis,” said Beutner.