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School Board Member Scott Schmerelson Votes to Approve School Modernization Bond (08-04-20)

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School Board Member Scott Schmerelson Votes
to Approve School Modernization Bond

LAUSD Board Member Scott Schmerelson voted today to authorize the issuance of school bonds for the purpose of upgrading, modernizing and replacing aging and deteriorating school facilities, updating technology , and addressing facilities inequities.

“I have seen firsthand how modern, well maintained school facilities enhance the quality of education and significantly improve student achievement," states Board Member Schmerelson, a former career teacher, counselor and long-time middle school principal.

“For our school communities, modernization includes updating technology, building new classrooms, renovating existing learning spaces, transitioning to clean, renewable energy, and making sure that our students have access to safe, Field Act compliant campuses. These projects are vital if our students are to receive the education that will prepare them for California's 21st Century economy."

Thanks in part to Scott's efforts, a number of comprehensive modernization and classroom addition projects are under construction or recently completed in his district. They were funded by previously passed bond measures.  This list includes:

  • Grover Cleveland Charter High School/Comprehensive Modernization
  • North Hollywood High School/Comprehensive Modernization
  • Sherman Oaks Center for Enriched Studies/Comprehensive Modernization
  • Ulysses S. Grant High School/Comprehensive Modernization
  • John F. Kennedy High School/Comprehensive Modernization
  • Porter Ranch Community School/Classroom Addition Project
  • Colfax Charter Elementary School/Classroom Addition Project.

“While these projects are a good start, Board District 3 still has many campuses that need upgrades and critical repairs.  If passed, the bond measure will provide $7 Billion district-wide to address unfunded facility needs at approximately 1,100 school campuses, create as many as 120,000 good paying jobs and is structured to not increase the tax rate on existing bonds in place at the time of the election," stated Board Member Schmerelson. 

He added that, "We also know that modern, well maintained schools improve the quality of life for all our local communities and add value to residential properties. I hope that the action we have taken today will help create the campuses and classrooms that our students, teachers, and staff need and deserve."