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Statement from Superintendent Austin Beutner (08-03-20)


CONTACT: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Shannon Haber, 213-393-1289 August 3, 2020

Statement from Superintendent Austin Beutner

We reached agreement this past weekend with the teachers union on a set of terms which set a new standard for online education in public schools. These satisfy the principles which must be part of a good online program.

● Clear and consistent school schedules

● Daily synchronous instruction appropriate for grade levels

● Significant instructional time, both synchronous and asynchronous

● Regular assessment of student progress

● Training for teachers and time for them to collaborate and plan together

● The option for teachers to teach from their classroom if they choose

● Support for teachers by other school staff

● Extra support for students, including one-on-one tutoring, online and at school, and Saturday mornings

Since schools closed, Los Angeles Unified has set the standard with food relief for families, devices and internet access for all students, training in online education for educators, and the opportunity for all students to participate in summer school.

We've all learned from our experience with online education since March, and we have applied the learning to our agreement. The agreement with our teachers will help Los Angeles Unified set a new standard for excellence in online education in public schools.

Much like the need to protect the health and safety of all in the school community, the quality of the education we provide to our students is not something we can compromise on. We owe them nothing less than our best.