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Board of Education Unanimously Endorses California Schools and Local Communities Funding Act (2-4-2020)



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CONTACT: Shannon Haber, 213-241-6766                                       February 4, 2020


Board of Education Unanimously Endorses California Schools and Local Communities Funding Act

LOS ANGELES — The Board of Education voted unanimously Tuesday to endorse the California Schools and Local Community Funding Act, a November ballot measure that would generate an estimated $12 billion in revenue annually for schools and local governments.

“California’s public schools remain woefully underfunded, especially when compared with the rest of the nation,” Superintendent Austin Beutner said. “Los Angeles Unified receives about $17,000 a year to educate each student, while New York provides about $30,000. More funding is needed to provide all students with the great education they deserve.”

The resolution was sponsored by Board Vice President Jackie Goldberg, along with Board Members Dr. George J. McKenna III, Scott M. Schmerelson, Nick Melvoin, Kelly Gonez and Mónica García.

“California has been systematically disinvesting from our children’s educations for decades, and it’s time we turned that trend around,” Vice President Goldberg said. “Additional revenue for our schools will help reduce class size and expand resources to enrich the experiences of our students.”

“I join with communities, elected officials, teachers, students, housing advocates, social justice groups, faith-based organizations, small business and labor to support putting Schools and Communities First on the November 2020 ballet,” Board Member Dr. McKenna said. “This is an investment that will build better schools and stronger communities in California. Please spread the word and join us in a campaign to ensure California’s future.”

“After many decades of underinvestment, it is time to start finding ways to bring vital resources and services to support our schools, families and communities,” Board Member Schmerelson said. “Our students need and deserve public schools that are fairly and adequately funded. Supporting this measure will ensure that our schools and communities come first and that our students receive the funding they deserve to become successful leaders in the 21st century.”

“California ranks near the bottom nationally in per-pupil funding, and it’s time to close corporate and commercial tax loopholes so we can put more resources into our schools,” Board Member Nick Melvoin said. “The Board voted to support the Schools and Local Communities Funding Act over a year ago, and today we reaffirmed that strong support for more investment in our kids’ futures.

“The Schools and Local Communities Funding Act will protect homeowners and renters, while ensuring corporations pay their fair share,” Board Member Gonez said. “This initiative will bring much-needed investment to our schools – the kind of investment that is long overdue. Our kids deserve the highest quality public education, and this initiative will be a game changer in helping us get there.”

“There has been a severe strain on students, families and teachers of our K-12 schools and community colleges,” Board Member García said. “This initiative will help to boost funding, especially in the poorest and most needy school districts. It will allow us to have smaller class sizes and restore funding for programs that have been cut in the sciences, arts and music. We are grateful to the alliance of over 200 labor and community organizations fighting to increase resources toward more adequacy and equity in California.”

“The reality is we are underfunded, and because of this we have fewer services and resources for some of our neediest communities,” Board President Dr. Richard Vladovic said. “The lack of adequate funding has got to stop. Let’s support the California Schools and Local Communities Funding Act of 2020, and let’s invest in the future of our children.”