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Superintendent Austin Beutner Statement On Increasing Transparency at Los Angeles Unified (01-14-20)


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Superintendent Austin Beutner released the following statement during the regular Board of Education meeting on Tuesday:

We are taking concrete steps to help Los Angeles Unified become more transparent, foster more engagement with the communities we serve and put more dollars into schools and classrooms. While Los Angeles Unified received $16,402 in state and federal revenue for the 2019-20 school year for each student, it budgeted $18,778 per student in order to provide them with the education they deserve. Los Angeles Unified made up the difference in funding with savings and money that schools didn’t spend last year.

Specific steps to increase transparency include: 

  • School leaders will receive information on total available budget dollars on February 11 – about a month earlier than in previous years – effectively doubling the amount of time to develop budgets with their staff and the community they serve.

  • Schools will be able to use up to half of their unspent money from the current year in the 2020-21 budget. Previously, those funds weren’t available until September of the next school year, effectively missing the budget cycle.

  • Los Angeles Unified is providing employees, families and other stakeholders with a breakdown of costs for personnel, transportation, after-school programs and other services that are part of the budget process. This will help school communities make choices on how to provide the best education possible for students.
  • Los Angeles Unified will continue to provide more resources to students most in need and will maintain our commitment to the Student Equity Needs Index and will extend access to current unspent funds for Innovation Schools beyond this school year.

Providing more information to educators in our schools, as well as the families and communities we serve, is a step in the right direction.