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Los Angeles High Schools Score Among the Best in California and the Nation (05-02-19)

LOS ANGELES, May 2, 2019 — Five Los Angeles Unified high schools were ranked among the top 50 in California and in the top 400 in the nation out of more than 17,000 public high schools, according to a recent list released by U.S. News and World Report.

Dr. Richard A. Vladovic Harbor Teacher Preparatory Academy was ranked 8th in California and 66th in the United States. Downtown Magnets High School ranked 15th in the state and 140th in the nation, while Los Angeles Center for Enriched Studies ranked 27th in the state and 221st in the nation. Rounding out the top five in Los Angeles Unified were Alliance Dr. Olga Mohan High School, which ranked 45th in the state and 350th in the nation, and Francisco Bravo Medical Magnet, ranking 47th and 382nd in the state and nation, respectively.

“Congratulations to our many outstanding high schools for this well-deserved recognition,” Superintendent Austin Beutner said. “I am grateful for the hard work of our teachers, administrators and staff as they prepare our students for success in college, careers and life.”

U.S. News, well known for publishing systematically ranked colleges and universities since 1985, has been publishing similar ranked lists of America’s high schools since 2007. The numerical rankings are based on data collected independently from all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

The ranked list includes all high school types, including magnets, opportunity and continuation schools, and independent charters.

For the 2019 list, analysts used an expanded list of weighted factors, including graduation rates, student achievement tests in reading and math, college readiness (according to percentages of students taking college-level courses and exams and breadth of college-level offerings) and achievement among traditionally lower-performing populations.

“I am so proud that Dr. Richard A. Vladovic is ranked number 8 in the state of California and that we are ranked number 1 out of the 249 high schools in Los Angeles Unified,” Principal Jan Murata said. “The credit goes to our hard-working students, high standards of our educators, supportive parents and a long-standing partnership with Los Angeles Harbor College.”

“I am excited that Downtown Magnets High School received this recognition,” Principal Sarah Usmani said. “I love that this was published right before Teacher Appreciation Week, as well. It is a way to honor the hard-working and dedicated staff, our determined students and our supportive families. I see the incredible efforts of all every single day, working to challenge and nurture our students.”

“We are proud of all the achievements of our students and the Los Angeles Center for Enriched Studies school community,” Principal Kimberly Lesure said. “We are also grateful to our Board member, Dr. George McKenna, Los Angeles Unified leaders and the many hard-working individuals who help our students rise to their potential each and every day.”

“The achievements of our Bravo Medical Magnet students do not happen by chance or in a vacuum,” Principal Luis Lopez said. “The entire Bravo community, faculty, parents, support and classified staff rally around every single one of our students to help them achieve their personal and academic goals. The most unique part of our school is that we do all this while we are having lots and lots of fun!”

School board members also weighed in with messages of congratulations.

"I am always proud of the work being done on a daily basis at Dr. Richard A. Vladovic Harbor Teacher Prep Academy,” Board Member Dr. Richard A. Vladovic said. “This model shows that students can thrive when given the tools, instructional opportunities and necessary support. My congratulations to all the students, Los Angeles Unified and Harbor Community College staff, and especially to our parents, who are most deserving of this recognition and much more. This school community is the embodiment of everything this District can accomplish. We believe in you and the fabulous accomplishments you will attain.”

“Congratulations to these amazing schools!” Board President Mónica García said. “This is a huge national recognition of all of the hard work and dedication of the students, teachers, parents and school communities. I am so proud that these Los Angeles schools are leading the way for the nation in creativity and excellence. Keep shining!”

“These results show that with the right tools and leadership, our students and our schools can accomplish great things,” Board Member Dr. George J. McKenna III said. “I am proud of all of the hard work of our educators and students at Los Angeles Center for Enriched Studies as well as many other outstanding schools across Los Angeles Unified. The importance of this recognition cannot be overstated.”

“I am proud of these outstanding schools for ensuring that our students fulfill the promise of what is possible at Los Angeles Unified—the opportunity for each and every child to reach their full potential by receiving a high-quality education,” Board Vice President Nick Melvoin said. “We must replicate programs like these to accelerate student achievement at all our schools.”

“I am thrilled to recognize our great high schools in Los Angeles Unified that are preparing students for success in college and careers,” Board Member Kelly Gonez said. “Every day, we are supporting all our schools so that every child receives a high-quality education in Los Angeles.”