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Board of Education Celebrates Women’s History Month and Joins #BalanceforBetter Movement (3-19-19)

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Board of Education Celebrates Women’s History Month and
Joins #BalanceforBetter Movement

LOS ANGELES (March 19, 2019) - Honoring the contributions that women have made to events in history and contemporary society, the Board of Education voted unanimously Tuesday to celebrate March as Women’s History Month and to join a worldwide movement advocating for gender equity.

Graphic of Women's History Month Los Angeles Unified applauds the achievements of visionary women in improving society and their continuing efforts to promote peace and justice through public service. The resolution calls for additional education on the role of women in the studies of history, business, labor, teaching and literature.

The resolution was sponsored by Board Member Dr. George J. McKenna III, and co-sponsored by Board Members Scott M. Schmerelson and Kelly Gonez.

Board Member Dr. George J. McKenna III said, “We are living in a golden era where women are finally being recognized for the valuable contributions they make to all aspects of society. As our female students become future leaders, they will hopefully inherit a world without gender bias.”

Board Member Scott M. Schmerelson, a co-sponsor said, “We still have such a long way to go to eliminate gender bias and discrimination against women and girls. It is particularly important, as the governing Board of Los Angeles Unified, that we nurture a culture that encourages and supports our female students to pursue careers in traditionally male-dominated fields such as science, technology, and mathematics and that respects and protects the dedicated women educators and support staff who tirelessly serve our children every day.” 

Board Member Kelly Gonez, also a co-sponsor said, “This month we highlight the immeasurable contributions of women to our history, including women of color. Remembering our history inspires the young women leaders in our schools and allows us to build on past achievements so we can one day achieve true equality for all.” 

Board President Mónica García said, “Today and every day, I celebrate and honor the strength, resilience and courage of the women leaders who have come before us! It is necessary for the District to continue to move the needle forward by making women’s history both visible and accessible to our students and our community. Somos hijas, madres, hermanas, tías, abuelas y amigas. ¡Adelante, Mujeres Campeonas!”

Board Vice President Nick Melvoin said, “During this Women’s History Month, I am thinking especially about Dr. Michelle King. Our late superintendent was a trailblazer whose legacy has opened doors for future generations of female leaders. I’m proud of the work Los Angeles Unified does to prepare these future leaders to change the world.”

Board Member Dr. Richard Vladovic said, “The contribution of women to our society cannot be limited to social norm roles. Countless women, public heroes and everyday heroes, have contributed to the foundation of our history, our present and our future. We celebrate the collective contributions of women in all corners of our civilization; we honor women’s voices, their abilities and call for more representation and recognition. We have a record-breaking 112 women serving in Congress. In the name of our women in leadership, in our communities and the young girls in our classrooms, let’s continue being supporters and advocates.”

In addition to celebrating Women’s History Month, the resolution calls on Los Angeles Unified to join with the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women in seeking #BalanceforBetter – a call for gender parity. It also formally observes March 8 as International Women’s Day.

“Women’s History Month helps to remind us of the remarkable accomplishments of women and the barriers they have had to overcome,” said Superintendent Austin Beutner. “Los Angeles Unified is committed to removing gender obstacles and providing equal opportunities so that all students and employees can succeed.”