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Los Angeles Unified Board of Education Unanimously Approves Resolution in Support of Increased State Funding for After School Education (3-19-19)

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Los Angeles Unified Board of Education Unanimously Approves Resolution in Support of Increased State Funding for After School Education

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LOS ANGELES (March 19, 2019) – The Los Angeles Unified Board of Education voted unanimously today to approve Vice President Nick Melvoin’s resolution in support of California Assembly Bill (AB) 1725, which seeks to increase state funding to maintain many of the vital after school programs serving Los Angeles Unified students.

Portrait of Nick Melvoin Introduced by Assembly Member Wendy Carrillo (D-Los Angeles), AB 1725 would increase appropriations for the state’s After School Education and Safety program, approved by a 2002 ballot measure aiming to provide students in low-income communities with access to safe, enriching after school programs that offer academic assistance, enrichment activities and recreational activities.

“Our kids’ learning doesn’t stop after the last school bell rings,” Melvoin said. “I’m grateful that Los Angeles Unified has so many partners in this work so that we can continue to provide the enrichment that our students need to grow, learn new skills and expand their educational opportunities.”

Since it went into effect in 2006, the program has served over 400,000 students across the state daily, about a quarter of whom attend Los Angeles Unified schools. Despite increasing operating costs, allocations in state budgets have decreased over the last decade, a pattern AB 1725 aims to reverse.

“After school programs help us better serve our students and families,” said Superintendent Austin Beutner. “The enrichment provided during these hours forms a vital bridge between classroom time and time at home where learning continues.”

Board President Mónica García co-sponsored the resolution, asserting that after school programs create safe spaces for youth to continue learning and develop beyond school hours.

“These programs allow students to engage deeper in activities and topics that are of high interest to them,” she said. “An investment in After School Programs is an investment in our children so that they thrive in life and become productive members of our society.”

Other board members also voiced their support.

“After school education and safety programs are a critical component of the student achievement formula,” Board Member George J. McKenna III said. “Providing students with a safe place to go between school and home is essential.”

“I am supporting AB 1725 because while every day there are over 100,000 students who participate in Los Angeles Unified after school programs, we know that there are still families in need of additional services and school sites with wait lists,” Board Member Scott M. Schmerelson said. “Expanding and better resourcing these programs is so important, because we know that students who regularly participate have significantly better attendance rates, an increased likelihood of graduation and exhibit higher levels of student engagement and motivation to learn.”

“Public schools need more resources to meet the needs of our students, and those needs don’t end when the school bell rings,” Board Member Kelly Gonez said. “The State of California should increase funding for after school programs so every child can receive the well-rounded education they deserve and graduate ready for college and careers.”


Nick Melvoin is proud to serve the dynamic communities of District 4 as the Vice President of the Los Angeles Unified School District Board of Education. Nick’s election to the Board in May of 2017 follows a career fighting for our city’s schoolchildren. He believes that together, with the right leadership, we can ensure that every student in Los Angeles has the opportunity to succeed. Los Angeles Unified Board District 4 includes the communities of Brentwood, Del Rey, East Hollywood, Encino, Hollywood, Mar Vista, Marina Del Rey, Pacific Palisades, Playa Del Rey, Playa Vista, Tarzana, Toluca Lake, Topanga, Westchester, West Hollywood, Westwood, Woodland Hills and Venice.



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