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Open Data Portal Expands Transparency with Addition of Performance and Operational Records (03-13-19)

Los Angeles Unified has expanded the information available to the public through its online Open Data Portal, adding an Open Data Catalog of records that can be downloaded and used for comparison and analysis.

The Open Data Catalog supplements the Open Data Dashboard, making it easier for parents, community members and academic researchers to find and access publicly available information. The Catalog now houses datasets for Academic Performance, Budget and Finance and Facilities projects. Additional information, including on Attendance, Enrollment and School Climate will be added as the metrics become available.

Work on the Open Data website began in January 2018, when the Board of Education approved a resolution by Board Vice President Nick Melvoin and Board Member Dr. Richard Vladovic to increase transparency, accountability and community engagement by making it easier for the public to access information about Los Angeles Unified. The Open Data Portal launched in September and will continue to expand in response to feedback from the community and district departments.

“The expansion of Open Data empowers our families and the community by making it easier to find and use information,” said Superintendent Austin Beutner. “We remain committed to increasing transparency and opportunities for engagement in the success of our schools.”

“We are grateful to see so much progress being made with Open Data to respond to the needs of our community,” said Board President Mónica García. “We hope that many of our families and community members take advantage of the information available to them through Open Data to make the best decisions for their child and to help us find and create more solutions for Los Angeles Unified.”

“Using data leads to making more-informed decisions,” said Board Vice President Melvoin. “To that end, our parents, employees, and community members deserve access to transparent, user-friendly information so we can all work together in our efforts to increase achievement for the kids of Los Angeles Unified. I am thrilled to watch this platform continue to expand and improve, and I look forward to partnering with the community to continuously advance this initiative.”

“Adding an Open Data Catalog provides an opportunity for our constituents to look at how equitably and efficiently we are managing our budget, facilities and other resources,” said Board Member Kelly Gonez. “It’s another positive step in increasing transparency within Los Angeles Unified.”