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Los Angeles Unified to Further Reduce Class Size in Schools (01-10-19)

Los Angeles Unified will make a new proposal to United Teachers Los Angeles on Friday that includes additional funding to further reduce class size and provide support for classroom educators. The revised offer comes as California Gov. Gavin Newsom today released a proposed budget for 2019-20 that would increase funding for public education.

“Yesterday, we spoke with state leaders in Sacramento about our shared commitment to public education, and the budget announced today by the Governor is a strong statement of those values,” said Superintendent Austin Beutner. “All of the legislative leaders we met with yesterday expressed their commitment to public education.

“We expect the final budget adopted in June will reflect these values and provide additional funding for Los Angeles Unified,” the superintendent said. “Our commitment to our students, families and educators is to invest this additional money in reducing class size and supporting classroom educators. We hope UTLA will work with us to resolve the remaining contract issues so we can keep kids safe and learning in school.”

“Our current offer goes a long way by adding almost 1,000 educators to schools in Los Angeles Unified, and the additional funding will allow us to further reduce class size,” said School Board President Mónica García. “The Board of Los Angeles Unified wants to avoid a strike, and we are doing everything we can to keep kids safe and learning in school.”




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