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Los Angeles Unified Takes Step Toward Transparency with Launch of Open Data Website (9-21-18)

Next school year, parents and educators will have one place to access school and student academic performance information, the District’s budget and school choice options

LOS ANGELES (Sept. 21, 2018) - The Los Angeles Unified School District today launched a new online tool that allows parents, communities and academic researchers to access detailed information about the District and its schools. Increasing transparency is a step to build trust with families and communities.

“Families and communities help build our students’ success, and this tool will help them engage in their children’s education,” Superintendent Austin Beutner said. “Increasing transparency will benefit everyone involved in our schools, from students and families, to educators and community members.”

The new Open Data website provides information about school enrollment and demographics, attendance and absentee rates, graduation and dropout rates, state assessment results and college and career readiness in one easily accessible location.

The site is accessible on both computer and mobile devices and draws information from multiple sources into a single location where data about the District and its more than 1,000 schools can be downloaded, sorted and searched.

Later this year, the site will include more data related to the academic performance of unique groups of students, budget and finance, school climate and enrollment. Additional data will be added in phases, based on input from parents and community members. By next school year, the District will build on the success of the Open Data portal and work to integrate all school-based information and applications in to a one-stop shop for parents.

 “Our parents, employees, and community members deserve access to transparent, user-friendly information that promotes shared facts we can all agree on,” said Board Vice President Nick Melvoin, who sponsored the Open Data resolution. “When we all have access to the same data, we can better work together in our efforts to increase achievement for the kids of this District. To that end, I am thrilled to see the first iteration of Open Data go live today, and I look forward to partnering with the community to continuously improve this initiative.”

“We live in an age where we have staggering amounts of data at our fingertips, but all of it is useless unless it is easy to access and put to practical use,” said Board Member Dr. Richard Vladovic, who co-sponsored the measure. “I supported this measure as I want both our employees and our parents to have access to information to make informed decisions when selecting schools, and for targeting aid to our schools in need.” 

Work on the Open Data website began in January, when the Board of Education approved a resolution to increase transparency, accountability and community engagement by making it easier for the public to access District information.

For more information and requests, a series of resources were released including a user manual and how-to videos. Additionally, a Help Desk is available from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. weekdays to address questions and concerns about the newly available data. Call 213.481.3300.