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“We Believe In You” Mural Unveiling Celebration at Esteban E. Torres High School (11-30-22)

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We Believe In You” Mural Unveiling Celebration at

Esteban E. Torres High School



(Los Angeles, CA, Nov. 30, 2022) — Board Member Mónica García and artist Paul Botello unveiled a commissioned mural at Esteban E. Torres High School to celebrate and recognize the movement demanding access, equity and justice in our schools. In 1968, students walked out of Eastside high schools demanding respect, access to high-quality and culturally relevant curriculum, and modern and safe facilities. The mural documents this and other historic periods of upheaval the world has experienced in past years, emphasizing the importance of unity, and the invincible power of the human spirit to overcome devastating hardships. The mural not only portrays the roots and pride of this community, but the fortitude of family and the various support systems that give their love and encouragement to children to enable them with strength to succeed in their goals of graduating high school and college.


"Paul Botello’s ‘We Believe In You’ mural is a community conversation, a statement of belief and a celebration of the movement for educational justice in Los Angeles Unified,” said Mónica Garcia, an East Los Angeles native born in 1968 and first-generation college graduate representing District 2 at the Board of Education. “We are grateful to the amazing Paul Botello, teacher and artist, who captured the fight for equity, access and justice in our schools in a powerful, inspiring mural that will remind us all that there is more work to do!”


“It is a true honor to have this beautiful mural at Esteban E. Torres High School by reputable artist Paul Botello, who teaches for Los Angeles Unified and is home grown in East Los Angeles,” Los Angeles Unified Region East Superintendent Jose P. Huerta said. “Mr. Botello’s mural is representative of our community’s struggle for justice and a reminder that through hard work, determination, service, and education we can rise and attain what seems impossible. Thank you, Board Member Mónica García, for your 17 years of service to our Eastside community, for uplifting our students and parents to a path of graduation and higher education, and for reinforcing the ‘si se puede’ mindset.”


“Paul Botello’s mural, ‘We Believe In You,’ embodies what we as educators aspire for all our students, our community, their future,” Social Justice Leadership Academy Magnet Principal Roseann Cazares said. “It invokes the spirit and legacy of Congressman Esteban E. Torres.”