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Board Member Mónica García and Los Angeles Unified Board of Education Approve Investments for the Eastside (11-15-22)

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Board Member Mónica García and Los Angeles Unified Board of Education Approve Investments for the Eastside

(Los Angeles, CA, Nov. 15, 2022) — Board Member Mónica García and the Los Angeles Unified Board of Education committed to invest $187 million to the Eastside. District promises were made as a result of the 1968 East L.A. Walkouts, and these investments will support fulfilling these promises to James A. Garfield High School and Theodore Roosevelt High School. 

Thanks to voters and their support of Measure Q (2008) and Measure RR (2020), James A. Garfield High School, built in 1925, will greatly benefit from a $150,886,100 modernization project which will include 31 classrooms, the library, ADA accessibility, utilities and landscaping. This will provide future Bulldogs with a safe and healthy environment that promotes learning. Additionally, James A. Garfield High School will receive $9,214,671 for upgrades to its football field and surroundings. 

Theodore Roosevelt High School opened in 1923 and is set to receive $27,291,501 for the athletic fields as phase two of the comprehensive modernization effort. More than 20 sports programs enhance on-campus student experiences. A portion of the comprehensive modernization project was completed in 2021 following the grand opening of the new gymnasium and classroom building. The campus will cut the ribbon on a new performing arts building, wellness center and administration offices in Spring 2023. 

“Thank you voters of Los Angeles Unified, amazing facilities professionals, school and community leaders for investing in and supporting our students,” Board Member Mónica García said. “Today’s investment helps families fulfill the promises made in 1968 and advances equity, access and justice. Si se puede, Eastside! We believe in you!”

“Our campuses, classrooms and facilities serve an instrumental role in helping us meet the needs of our students,” Superintendent Alberto M. Carvalho said. “These important infrastructure investments at James A. Garfield High School and Theodore Roosevelt High School will help elevate student potential and unleash what’s possible to create the next generation of innovators and changemakers for our community.”

“Today is a day of celebration for our Eastside communities,” Local District East Superintendent Jose P. Huerta said. “Our Eastside legacy high schools – James A. Garfield and Theodore Roosevelt – are a century old, rich in history and tradition, and deserving of facilities upgrades to support 21st century learning and athletic competitions. We are eternally grateful to Board Member Mónica García, the entire Los Angeles Unified School Board and everyone involved for their vision and support!”

“I want to extend my sincere thanks to the School Board for approving the upgrade of the football field and the creation of the baseball/softball field on the Roosevelt High School campus,” Theodore Roosevelt High School Principal Ben Gertner said. “Our baseball team will now have a field on campus instead of having to travel to city parks for practice and games. Our softball, football, soccer and track and field programs will now have high-quality facilities that honor the talents of our students who bring so much pride to the community. Go Riders!”

“This is a great day and celebration for our scholar athletes and the Roosevelt Rough Rider tradition of athletic excellence,” Principal for the Math, Science, Technology Magnet Academy at Theodore Roosevelt High School Patricia Hansen said. “Our soccer, softball, baseball, track and football teams now have the facilities that match their talents. A special thank you to the school board for supporting this investment and Board Member Mónica García for her advocacy.” 

“On behalf of all of East Los Angeles, I would like to thank the Board for their continued commitment to our school and the people that reside here,” James A. Garfield High School Principal Andres Favela said. “The redevelopment of Garfield High School’s academic facilities will be a benefit enjoyed by the entirety of our community. Their choice to rebuild some of our academic buildings is a much-needed improvement to a part of our campus in heavy use and enjoyed by so many different groups of people in our surrounding area. We thank you and look forward to enjoying many future activities on these newly remodeled facilities that you have made possible.”