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Los Angeles Unified’s Theodore Roosevelt Senior High School Campus Cuts Ribbon to the Comprehensive Modernization of New Gymnasium and Classroom Building (9-13-2021)


For Immediate Release                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Date: September 13, 2021

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Los Angeles Unified’s Theodore Roosevelt Senior High School Campus Cuts Ribbon to the Comprehensive Modernization of New Gymnasium and Classroom Building


LOS ANGELES (Sept. 13, 2021) – Today, Board Member Mónica García and Los Angeles Unified celebrated the completion of the new ultramodern gymnasium and classroom building at the Theodore Roosevelt High School campus, made up of four different schools: Theodore Roosevelt High School, Theodore Roosevelt High School Math, Science and Technology Magnet, Boyle Heights STEM Magnet High School, and Boyle Heights High School.


Completely funded by Los Angeles Unified, this investment is part of the $190 million comprehensive modernization project for the campus. The entire project, scheduled to be completed in Spring 2023, will also include a new Administration/Wellness Clinic/Classroom Building and a Performing Arts Center. Made possible by the voters in Los Angeles county, community partners over the years, and former elected officials like Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, this investment is fulfilling promises from the 1968 Walkouts and beyond. This special place reflects an entry point for the thousands of immigrants who are not only the treasure of a working-class community, and where a rich Japanese, Jewish and Mexican history have built the indestructible foundation. Special dignitaries that took part in today’s program included: Consul Marcela Celorio of Mexico, Consul Yasuko Kurihara of Japan, Los Angeles Council Member Kevin De Leon, Los Angeles Council Member Gilbert Cedillo, California State Assembly Member Miguel Santiago, California State Assembly Member Wendy Carillo and California State Senator María Elena Durazo.


“This exciting project will honor Theodore Roosevelt Senior High School’s rich and diverse culture and history,” Interim Superintendent Megan K. Reilly said. “This comprehensive modernization project also ensures a safe and healthy environment that enhances the learning and teaching experiences of our students and the entire school community. Go Rough Riders!”


“We celebrate investment in our youth and communities! We celebrate the actions that fulfill the promise this district made to los niños heroes y la niñas heroes, who demanded equal access to quality facilities and education in Los Angeles Unified,” Board Member Mónica García said “We are grateful to each and every student, staff, voter, and community partner that made this possible. The future is bright.”

“Today’s ribbon-cutting ceremony symbolizes the start of a new chapter, built upon the lessons that we have learned together, supported by the history and connection of this beautiful community, and focused on preparing all students for college, career and life,” Board Member Tanya Ortiz Franklin said. 


“The Roosevelt High School and Boyle Heights communities will benefit for generations to come by the two new state-of-the-art classroom and gymnasium buildings,” Los Angeles Unified Local District East Superintendent Jose P. Huerta said. “This iconic campus and community are most deserving of all of the beautiful modernization. Investing in our students is the best investment we can make. Thank you to Board Member Mónica García, Facilities and everyone involved for making this project a reality, and for incorporating our community’s cultural and historical roots into the design.”


In her remarkable speech, president of the Associated Student Body and Roosevelt High School Math Science Technology Academy senior, America Muñoz, said “I am an example of generations of Rough Riders in my family and the community, and this campus is more than a high school. It is a monument for the Boyle Heights community and seeing this modernization represents a sense of empowerment for our Chicano history as we progress towards a better future. These facilities will provide a comfortable and safe environment for our current and future scholars. We deserve these facilities and we will make the most use of them and to the future rough rides, be kind to what has been given to you and we may all continue to look forward to this beautiful journey.”


“It is an honor to be part of the team that is able to build the highest quality educational facilities for the Roosevelt community and the type of modern, sate of the art facilities that all of our students are entitled to,” Mark Hovatter, Chief Facilities Executive for Los Angeles Unified, said.


“We are making good on our commitment to the people of Los Angeles who voted to invest in today’s students and generations of students to follow who will benefit from this incredible project,” Krisztina Tokes, Deputy Chief Facilities Executive for Los Angeles Unified, said.


The leaders of the fabulous Roosevelt campus shared their own excitement after what has been a long-awaited investment. “This modernization project represents an investment in the young people of Boyle Heights, a response to a demand made over 50 years ago when Roosevelt students walked out to fight for a quality education. In these new buildings, future artists are developing their talents, future engineers are designing their first robots, future doctors are studying human anatomy, and athletic champions are training and competing. These buildings and these students are the pride of Boyle Heights,” Ben Gertner, proud Principal of Theodore Roosevelt High School, said.


“Dynamic teaching and learning are at the core of the Math Science Technology Magnet at Roosevelt, and with the modernization of the classroom facilities at Roosevelt, our super star teachers and students now have the facilities that match their skill levels and strengths. With our new Engineering rooms, art studios, wet bio tech laboratories, and classrooms designed aesthetically to support humanities and math instruction, the sky is the limit for the learning experiences that will occur on this campus. As the Principal for the Math Science Technology Magnet at Roosevelt, I already feel the joyful impact these new, modernized spaces are having in our classes and across the campus,” Patricia Hanson said.


Community leaders who have helped pave the way for the much-anticipated investment could not hide their joyful emotions at the unforgettable ceremony. “Today’s ribbon-cutting symbolizes a historic moment for the Boyle Heights community,” Executive Director of InnerCity Struggle, Maria Brenes said. While honoring the past, the modernization of Roosevelt High School provides hope for the future. We are grateful to the many generations of youth and families that joined together to demand better and more for their community. Adelante!”


“This awe-inspiring new facility represents a historic opportunity to honor and celebrate the past, present and future of the Rough Riders. The Partnership has been proud to join with our partners at Roosevelt, in Boyle Heights, and at Los Angeles Unified to bring this vision for a fully modernized campus to life. Let’s hope our beautiful campus now inspires our students as much as they inspire all of us,” Joan Sullivan, Chief Executive Officer for The Partnership for Los Angeles Schools, said.


We look forward to 100 more years of Theodore Roosevelt High School, graduations, and community wellness.