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Los Angeles Unified Welcomes Students Back to School (8-16-21)

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Los Angeles Unified Welcomes Students Back to School

 The highest safety standards and protocols are in place at every campus

LOS ANGELES -- August 16 -- Los Angeles Unified announced today that all of its schools will be open for full-day instruction, five days a week, along with recess, after-school programs, lunch and meal breaks with classmates, athletics and extracurricular activities.

Los Angeles Unified Interim Superintendent Megan K. Reilly, Board Members and special guests celebrated the day by visiting instructional programs and classrooms at various schools.

“There is no substitute for in-person learning, friendship and physical activity, which is why we have committed to putting into place the highest safety standards and protocols at every campus to welcome our students back for the 2021-22 school year,” Los Angeles Unified Interim Superintendent Megan K. Reilly said. “We are so excited to have our students, teachers and school site staff back at school!”

Preparations for the new school year include continuing to require masking for all students, staff, and visitors; maximizing physical distancing as much as possible; continuing comprehensive sanitizing efforts, including frequent hand washing; upgraded air filtration systems and requiring vaccines and COVID testing.

“Welcome back to school to our students, families, and school staff,” Board President Kelly Gonez said. “Los Angeles Unified is back to school in the safest way possible, leading the nation with our robust safety measures. As we return to in-person learning, I am hopeful about the joy, healing, and learning that will be present in our classrooms.”

“I’m excited to see so many of our students and families back on campus for full-time, in-person instruction,” Board Vice President Nick Melvoin said. “The best place for our kids right now is the classroom, and we have the necessary protocols in place to welcome everyone back as safely as possible.” 

“On this first day of school, students can finally return to their classrooms to be taught in-person by teachers,” Board Member Dr. George J. McKenna III said. “The children and employees will be safe on our campuses. Welcome back. We have missed you and we cannot wait to see you.”

“Hope and joy are felt across our communities today as we welcome students back to school,” Board Member Mónica García said. “We honor all starting points as we journey toward being, sharing and learning together. Today, we celebrate courage and the desire to learn and the movement toward educational equity and 100 percent graduation! An especially enthusiastic welcome to the graduating Class of 2022 and our Class of 2034, who are our incoming kindergarteners! ¡Si Se Puede!”

“During this last year, the District went above and beyond to provide the best educational experience while prioritizing the health and safety of our students and staff,” Board Member Scott M. Schmerelson said. “This year, as we move to an in-person return to campus our priorities will remain the same. As a long time educator, I know that there is no substitute for in-person learning. That is why I am thrilled to see students coming back to school for full-day instruction. I look forward to visiting some of my schools and Cleveland High School on the first day of school, along with Interim Superintendent Megan K. Reilly to learn more about the best practices and innovative programs planned for this new academic year.”

“Today will be a good day,” Board Member Jackie Goldberg said. “Despite the obvious challenges, our kids are back and we have good things in store for them, especially  thanks to increased funding for every student. We’re working toward smaller class sizes and more individual support for kids, especially for those who need it most, and we’re feeding every student at no charge. Los Angeles Unified continues to have the highest safety standards in the country. Thanks to students, families, and staff we’ve kept COVID infection rates among the lowest among US school districts. We’re working hard to keep it that way.”

“We are so excited to start the 2021-22 school year with all of our scholars, families, and staff,” Board Member Tanya Ortiz Franklin said. “Whether on campus or in independent study, we are so glad to be together again. Together is how we will recover from this pandemic and how we will prepare each and every student to thrive in the college, career and life of their choice.”