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June Staff Conference Attendance using Title I funds

The restrictions to June Staff Conference Attendance using Title I funds have been lifted with certain caveats.  Please be aware that federal funds (Title I and Title III) do not carryover and therefore all travel expenses must be expended by June 30.  In addition, regardless of the federal funds expended date, schools need to be aware of Procurement closing deadlines that may affect when travel documents (Travel Requests entries and Travel Claim Reimbursement Requests) need to be submitted.  These earlier deadlines are posted in the Procurement Year-End Closing Timelines memorandum that is published annually in February/March of the current school year. If travel charges or claim reimbursements are submitted after the Procurement deadlines and the charges are posted to next year’s Title I or Title III funds, schools will be required to reimburse the federal program with school site general funds.  For guidance on June conferences using federal funds, please contact FSEP at 213-241-6990 and ask to speak to a compliance specialist.