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Deadline Date for Title I Funds in Pending Distribution

Groundhog Day (February 2) - This will be the deadline date for schools to address all Title I funds that are in pending distribution [commitment item #430009/budget item #40261] (second allocations, unspent dollars).

  • Schools will need to have submitted a SSC-approved SPSA Modification on or before February 2nd (Groundhog Day) to the Local District for approval.  If the funds remain in pending distribution after February 2nd and no SSC-approved modification has been submitted, the funds will be “swept up”.   
  • After February 2nd, placing Title I funds into pending distribution is not an option.  Schools will need to indicate where all their Title I funds will be spent to support their SPSA strategies.  The rationale for this policy is that schools conducted needs assessments during plan writing and developed priority lists, so they should be able to plan accordingly.  Remember Title I is not a funding source, it is a program.
  • Local Districts may choose a date earlier than February 2nd as their cutoff.  Please check with your Local District Title I Coordinators to verify cutoff date.

For more information, please contact Federal and State Education Programs at 213-241-6990.