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Opportunities for Science Educations from CSUN


 Master’s Program in Science Education 

Now accepting applications!  California State University Northridge is now accepting applications for Cohort-9 of the Master’s Program in Science Education which starts Fall 2020..  There will be an information meeting on Friday, February 7 at 4:30 PM in Education 2114. You may find out more about the program and apply online on our website. 

 The Master's degree in Secondary Science Education prepares secondary science teachers to become science teaching specialists, science curriculum coordinators, student teacher supervisors, science department chairpersons, and doctoral students. School districts generally award salary increases to teachers holding master’s degrees, and master’s degrees are required for part-time teaching at the community college or university level. 

 In Fall 2020, CSUN will form its ninth Science Education Master's cohort designed specifically for secondary science teachers.  We invite you to apply for this program, which leads to a Master's in Secondary Science Education.

Free CSET Preparation Programs 

CSUN offers free 40+ hour workshops to help prepare you to pass the following CSET exams, a prerequisite to earning a teaching credential. Complete the interest surveys to be notified of workshop registration and dates.

  • Foundation Level General Science (test 215) - required of all science teachers.   Workshop begins February 24.  Register now!
  • Physics (test 220)  - Coming in May or June 2020.  
  • Chemistry (test 218) - Coming in Summer 2020.  Dates to be announced.
  • Math Level I (test 211) - Algebra and Number Theory. Dates to be announced.
  • Math Level II (test 212) - Geometry, Statistics, and Probability;  Dates to be announced.
  • Math Level III  (test 213) - Calculus & Math History.  Workshop started January 22.  You may still be able to add. 

Science Credential Program 

There is a profound shortage of science and math teachers in California and the nation.  We have placed nearly 100% of our graduates in the past  35 years. Apply now to join the science teaching credential program.