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Blueprint for CAST & CAA for Science Approved!


The revised CAST blueprint documents how test forms for the CAST will be assembled, including rules for the assessment of the CA NGSS Performance Expectations (PEs) and the integration of the Disciplinary Core Ideas (DCIs), Science and Engineering Practices (SEPs), and Crosscutting Concepts (CCCs). For more information please visit the CDE webpage.



The State Board of Education approved the California Alternate Assessment (CAA) for Science blueprint, general achievement level descriptors, and score reporting structure. The CAA for Science blueprint is available on the CDE webpage, in the “CAA Blueprints” section or Please click here to download the California Alternate Assessment for Science (CAA) Blueprint. The CAA for Science is aligned with the Core Content Connectors, which are linked with the CA NGSS. It is administered to students with the most significant cognitive disabilities whose individualized education program (IEP) indicates the use of an alternate assessment. See CAA Guidance for IEP Teams for guidance in determining a student’s eligibility to take the CAA for Science.