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Q. How do I move students from unfilled sections to my newly created sections?

  1. Go to the Sections Editor screen. In Sections Editor:
    1. Find and select the section from which you want to move students
    2. When the section/class is selected, the students enrolled in that section will appear on the right hand side of the screen
    3. You may choose all students or some of the students by clicking on the individual checkboxes or clicking on the All checkbox above the rest of the checkboxes
    4. Once students are selected, choices appear at the bottom of the screen:
      1. Move Students
      2. Remove Students
      3. Add Students
    5. Select the option to “Move Students” to another section
    6. A list of available sections appear in a pop-up box 
    7. Select the course that the students will move to. Make sure the effective date is the default date for the first day of the school year.
    8. Click on “Submit Changes”
    9. Click on the section that students were moved to check that they have been enrolled into the new section.