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Q. How do I delete the temporary, preprogrammed section that is now empty with 0 students?

  1. In the Sections Editor screen:
    1. Find the section that will be closed by typing in the course name or course number in the Course field or typing in the word “unfilled” in the Teacher filter. It may be easier to find the sections that need to be closed by using this method.
    2. Click on the pre-programmed section that will be closed
    3. Once the section is identified, three icons appear: “Plus,” “Pencil,” and “Trash Can” - Click on the “Trash Can” icon
    4. A “End Section” Box Opens. The effective date is defaulted to the first date of the new year
    5. Click “Submit Changes” button to delete the pre-programmed section
    6. A successful message appears to SAVE the change.