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Q: What are the Steps to Removing a Student that was Enrolled Incorrectly?

  1. Follow these steps:
    1. Do not schedule the student for classes.
    2. If the student is auto withdrawn by another school, the student will be automatically withdrawn from your school. Generate the Automatic Withdrawal Report to determine which students have been auto withdrawn.
    3. If the student is not auto withdrawn, mark the student as a No Show on the first day of school.
    4. To mark the student as a No Show;
      1. Search for the student.
      2. Under the Enrollment menu, select No Show.
      3. Click the button to "Add New Record" to process the student as a No Show.
    5. The student will be processed as a No Show at night and will be removed from your school the next day.
    6. Run the No Show Report (under enrollment) to verify the student was processed.