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Q. What is the difference between Auto-Populate and Add Functionality in the Concurrent Term Editor screen?

  1. The Scheduling Admin role uses the Concurrent Term Editor to rollover over sections and students enrolled in those sections from one term to another.  It has the option to use the auto-populate feature to map annual courses from the fall term to the spring term.  Annual courses are those that have an “A” section and a “B” section.  When the Auto Populate button is clicked, it will automatically rollover the annual courses.  Courses that are semester or that don’t have a “B” section, will have to be done manually by adding the target course in the appropriate target term.  For example if adding a mapping for a semester course such as Intro Comp, create the sequential course in the school courses screen for the next term.  If using the Add functionality instead of the Auto Populate option, make certain to create the sections in the School Courses screen for the target term before adding any mappings in the Concurrent Term Editor screen.  A new job aid, a Concurrent Term checklist, and a scheduling guide are available on the MiSiS website that outlines the process.