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Q. Is the MiSiS GradeBook Mandatory?

  1. In response to feedback we have received from teachers and administrators throughout the district, we are postponing the mandate that all elementary teachers begin using MiSIS Gradebook by November 17, 2014, and all secondary teachers by January 27, 2015. We need to spend more time improving the functionality and usability of the Gradebook. In addition, we will be increasing the level of training and support for teachers. After we have conducted focus groups, gathered requirements, and have teachers demo the next version of the grade book, we will then set a new date for it to become mandatory.

    We encourage those teachers who are currently using the Gradebook to continue to do so and to share your concerns and recommendations with us. The more you use the Gradebook, the more we can learn about what meets your needs and what doesn’t meet your needs. We also encourage those who are not using Gradebook to try it and share your feedback.