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RESOURCES: When using the LAUSD network, access the resources by clicking on the links. To access the the resources remotely, first click here, Digital Library and log in using your LAUSD SSO. Once logged in follow the directions in brackets for each resource below.

Ukraine (Infobase) - General information and brief history. [Click on Infobase, then click on Issues & Controversies in History. In the search field type Ukraine and click search.]

The Ukraine Crisis (ABC-CLIO) - Research lists. [Click on ABC-Clio, then click on World History: The Modern Era, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the link The Ukraine Crisis.]

Ukraine & Russia (Salem Press History/Health) - Information about the two countries. [Click on Salem Press History/Health, under the History section, click on the link Ukraine & Russia.]

Ukraine (Culture Grams) - Information specific to Ukraine. [Click on Culture Grams, click on World Edition, in the search field type Ukraine and click search.]

Ukraine Crisis, (ProQuest SIRS Issues Researcher) - various sources. [Click on ProQuest SIRS Issues Researcher, in the search field type Ukraine and click search.]