• January 19, 2021

    Posted by Focus Reporting and Dashboards on 1/19/2021

    Release Notes

    Dashboard Updates

    Operations Analytic Area – A new feature to save a dashboard report to your My Folder has been added to the Operations Analytical Area in Focus.  Users now have the capability to edit a report from a dashboard for their own use. For example, they would be able to save a report and tweak it by either adding, or deleting extra columns (Data Elements) etc.

    To view this new feature, click on Operations > Attendance > click on any report and locate the Pencil icon. 

    Bug Fixes

    MMED Dashboards - Summary tile counts now match the Chart/Table/Graph view section counts.  To view the fix, click on Instruction > MMED > click on any report.

    Mail Merge Secondary GPAs Report – School names missing from the School field’s dropdown list will display after removing any selected value from the Graduation Year field.  To access the report, click on Summary > Mail Merge > MM Secondary GPS.

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