• December 6, 2017

    Posted by Focus Reporting & Dashboards on 12/6/2017

    Attendance Submittal Dashboard Now Available – The Attendance Submittal Dashboard is now available, providing data regarding teachers who have not submitted attendance and students who are missing attendance records. This dashboard is available in addition to the Enrollment & Withdrawals Dashboard and the Attendance Bands Dashboard. To access these dashboards on the Welcome Page in Focus, click the Operations Analytic Area, and then click the Attendance Subject Page. On the Subject Page, click one of the dashboard icons at the bottom of the screen to open a dashboard. See the Quick Start Guide to Attendance in the Job Aids & Videos section on the Attendance Subject Page for information about the dashboards, including metric business rules and report descriptions. 

    Board District Filter Added to All Dashboards (Except More Than a Meal) – Users can now filter for a Board District on all dashboards in Focus. In the old look and feel, the filters are displayed at the top of the dashboard. In the new look and feel, click the filters icon in the dashboard toolbar to see all filters.

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  • December 4, 2017

    Posted by Focus Reporting & Dashboards on 12/4/2017

    Focus Reporting & Dashboards (Focus) is now available – MiSiS Ad Hoc Reporting and Dashboards is transitioning to Focus Reporting & Dashboards, available now. Visit the Focus website at https://achieve.lausd.net/focus for information about the transition and the difference between the two applications. During the transition period, some dashboards will still be available in the classic view in MiSiS Ad Hoc Reporting and Dashboards until they are integrated into the new look and feel in Focus. Also during the transition, users can click the Classic View button classic view   on the Welcome Page or navigational bar throughout Focus to go back to the classic look and feel of MiSiS Ad Hoc Reporting and Dashboards.

    New Application URL – To access either Focus or MiSiS Ad Hoc Reporting and Dashboards, users must now enter this URL into their browser: https://focus.lausd.net. Users who enter https://misisadhoc.lausd.net into their browser will be redirected to the Focus website, which contains a link to log into the application.

    Link to Focus on Classic View Dashboard Menu – On the dashboard menu in MiSiS Ad Hoc Reporting and Dashboards, a new link Focus link  has been added to navigate to the Focus Welcome Page.

    Decommissioning MiSiS Explorer – MiSiS Explorer will be retired by the end of the 2017 calendar year (December 31st, 2017). MiSiS Ad Hoc Reporting provides all capabilities available in MiSiS Explorer. Current users of MiSiS Explorer are encouraged to take the Basic Ad Hoc Reporting Training Class, available for registration in the Learning Zone at http://achieve.lausd.net/Page/11879.

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