• October 11, 2018

    Posted by Focus Reporting & Dashboards on 10/12/2018

    Dashboard Updates

    Customization Now Available on Dashboards – On all dashboards, users have the option to save customizations, similar to MyData. Users can make selections in the filters at both the dashboard and report level and then save those settings as a customization. Users can choose to set that customization as their default view whenever they access the dashboard. This functionality is useful for users who find themselves setting the same filters each time they visit a dashboard. For example, PSA Counselors who frequently access the Attendance Dashboards may want to filter for a specific group of students (English Learners, SPED, etc.) each time they visit the dashboards. For more information on how to use customization on a dashboard, refer to the job aid Customize Dashboard Views. 

    Focus Customization

    Report Updates

    New Reports: Compare Student Scores by Year for Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) Math and English Language Arts (ELA) – Two new reports are available to compare a student’s SBAC performance between years. This helps to determine if students have improved from the previous to the current year. The report displays the students’ data along with the ELA and Math teachers for the previous year.  These teachers can see the progress their students made. The report also displays the student’s final mark in ELA and Math. The first report, SBAC Math and ELA Scores – 2 Year Comparison, provides a comparison between the latest and previous year scores for elementary and middle school students. The second report, SBAC and ELA Scores – 8th and 11th Grade Comparison, provides a comparison for secondary students who took the SBAC in 11th grade and displays both the 11th grade and 8th grade scores.  Last year’s ELA and Math teachers can see the results of their instruction. In addition, this report shows the course marks and any AP classes and AP test results. To access the reports, go to Summary > Monitoring Reports > SBAC 2 Year Comparison or SBAC 8th and 11th 2 Year Comparison.

    SBAC comparison Focus

    Student Search: ELPAC Results Now Available – The Student Search Dashboard in Demographics now includes ELPAC scores for each individual student who is an English Learner. On Student Search, filter for a set of students and then click a District ID to view all available reports, including ELPAC. Click the Info button at the top of the page to download the Student Search job aid.

    Ad Hoc Reporting Subject Area Updates

    Teacher Comments from Old Elementary Report Card Now Available in Marks – Elementary Academic Subjects – Teacher comments that were recorded on the retired elementary report card are now available in the Marks – Elementary Academic Subjects Subject Area so that users may assess and compare behavior and performance between the current year and past years. To find this column in the subject area, open the Academic Subject Marks folder and double-click Comments.







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