• BTB SEL VISION: Inspire and empower all students to achieve, learn and grow in a safe, caring environment.
    BTB SEL MISSION: Every individual will experience a safe physical, social, emotional and trusting environment that leads to life-long achievement and purposeful living.


Welcome Message

  • Beyond the Bell, Health Education (SEL) Programs and The Partnership for Children & Youth partnered together to create a social emotional plan for the extended day.

    A Professional Learning Community to Leverage Expanded Learning Time


     California has more than $700 million invested in after school and summer learning programs at 4,400 schools across the state, serving 430,000 of the state’s most vulnerable students.  These programs bring additional funding, staffing, expertise and time to the table. Used strategically – with a plan for aligning and complementing school day learning – these expanded learning time (ELT) programs can have a dramatic impact on students’ learning, particularly around the social-emotional outcomes that are increasingly important in a Common Core learning environment.


     The Partnership for Children & Youth will helped multiple districts to better align expanded learning resources and programs to improved student Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) outcomes.  The work will included 4 Professional Learning Community (PLC) meetings for ELT planning teams from each district and the development of an action plan to describe strategies and next steps for improved alignment.

    The Partnership:

    • Presented research and best practices in how to align ELT and SEL/CCSS
    • Facilitated conversations to share practices across districts, assess current strengths and challenges, and plan for improvement
    • Supported action plan development in each district


     Each district was asked to assemble a team of 3-5 people to attend the PLC meetings.  



     The PLC started in March, 2015, with meetings scheduled in the spring, summer and early fall.


    The Partnership for Children & Youth is a non-profit organization that finds funding, partners and solutions to help schools better serve students, and informs state and national public policy on education issues.

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