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Four Los Angeles Unified Schools Selected for California Exemplary Arts Education Award (1-25-23)

Los Angeles, CA (Jan. 25, 2023) – Humanities and Arts (HARTS) Academy of Los Angeles, Maywood Center for Enriched Studies (MaCES), South Shores Magnet School for the Visual & Performing Arts and Walter Reed Middle School have been selected for the California Exemplary Arts Education Award, according to State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Thurmond’s recent announcement.


The designation is awarded to schools for demonstrating an exemplary commitment to providing resources and funding for arts education. According to Mr. Thurmond, the schools “provided high-quality arts curriculum and instruction and assessment; high-quality professional learning for staff who are responsible for providing arts learning; and access to high-quality, culturally responsive arts instruction for all students, including English learners, special education students and other special populations.”


“Congratulations to the four Los Angeles Unified schools selected for the California Exemplary Arts Education Award and demonstrating their exceptional ability of integrating the arts into the academic experience for our students,” Superintendent Alberto M. Carvalho said. “A holistic education that incorporates physics and orchestra, engineering and painting, chemistry and drama has positive signifiers in the overall well-being and performance for students. Los Angeles Unified is committed to providing a world-class arts education and these four schools are examples we should replicate.”


Eligible schools had to demonstrate that they offer instruction in a minimum of three arts disciplines (dance, media arts, music, theater and/or visual arts) during the regular school day and show that equitable opportunities for accessing these programs is available to all student groups. Schools will be celebrated at the California School Recognition Program Ceremony in Anaheim in February 2023.


“We are so pleased that four schools in Los Angeles Unified have received this award,” Board President Jackie Goldberg said. “I applaud these schools for making arts education a central aspect of their curriculum, especially for students who need additional attention to succeed. I look forward to hearing how these students are improving academically, socially and emotionally.” 


“I congratulate all the wonderful schools in Los Angeles Unified, especially Reed Middle School in my district,” Board Vice President Scott M. Schmerelson said. “The presence of arts in education plays a positive and enriching experience to children and young people. I will continue to support arts education in our district as time and time again it has proven to make great cognitive contributions to the development of abilities and skills of our students.”


“Arts education is a vital component to the academic achievement of our students,” Board Member Dr. George McKenna III said. “These four schools are to be commended for elevating what is possible when art is embedded into the curriculum.”


“Parents want their children to have access to arts and music resources in their classrooms because they are so closely linked with learning success and social emotional well-being,” Board Member Rocío Rivas said. “Congratulations to the schools selected for this distinction who are paving the way to a world class education at Los Angeles Unified.”


Congratulations to the LA Unified schools on this statewide recognition of their exemplary arts programs,” Board Member Nick Melvoin said. “We are committed to expanding equitable access to high-quality, comprehensive arts education so that every student can have the kind of creative outlets and opportunities for self-expression that these programs provide.”


Congratulations to the selected schools — especially HARTS in Board District 7 on the campus of my alma mater — for the California Exemplary Arts Education Award and for providing robust arts opportunities that are accessible to all students,” Board Member Tanya Ortiz Franklin said. “Thank you for truly being an example to our district and school community in helping our students pursue their artistic aspirations, which are absolutely a crucial component of a holistic public education.”


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